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Wiendsels Silver

From a week prior to your arrival, you can order your groceries at our local supermarket via this link. The supermarket will inform us that you have sent out an order, and we will go to the supermarket to collect your groceries. We then put all the groceries away so that the fridge and cabinets are stocked upon your arrival. You can also choose to have your groceries delivered to our home. The minimum order value is €40.
You can also order bread and pastries from our local artisanal bakery Bakker Steenbergen in Ruinen. They bake the best quality bread and regional products. We arranged with them that you can order your bread via telephone in the week before your arrival. On the first morning of your stay, we will pick up your order at 08:00 so that you can enjoy a fresh breakfast without having to change out of your pyjamas.
To make sure that you do not have to jump into action to cook food the moment you arrive, we will make sure there is a large pan of homemade soup waiting for you in the kitchen.
We will pay for the groceries in advance and we will save the receipts so that you can pay us back after your arrival.

If you do not feel like going through the hassle of picking recipes and determining portion sizes for large groups, choose:

Wiendsels Gold!

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