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Wiendsels Goud

Apart from the silver package grocery service, we have posted a large number of recipes on our website. These recipes are especially suitable for larger groups. Not too complicated, with a local ingredient here and there. The only thing you have to do is choose the dish you want to make. When selecting the recipes of your choice, you can indicate the number of people you plan on eating with. Then we will do the shopping for you and we make sure that all the ingredients are already in the fridge or cupboards once you arrive. We even make sure the recipes are printed out for your convenience. We try to work together with local, sustainable suppliers as much as possible. We leave the fun part up to you: cooking together, setting the table and enjoying hour long conversations at the dinner table. Of course, that home made pan of soup is also waiting for you upon arrival. And a home made cake for dessert. Two weeks prior to your arrival, we will contact you to talk you through your order of the recipes. You can find them under this link.
We will pay for the groceries in advance and we will save the receipts so that you can pay us back after your arrival.
The grocery service as described under Wiendsels silver is also included in the Wiendsels gold package, so other groceries can be ordered online via Coop Ruinerwold. Do not forget to mention that your order is for groepshoeve Wiendsels, so that we can pick them up for you or they can deliver your order to our farm.
Bread can be ordered by telephone via bakery Steenbergen. On the first morning of your stay, we will pick up your order at 08:00 so that you can enjoy a fresh breakfast without having to change out of your pyjamas.
Should you consider to have a Gold package, please contact us to see whether this is possible. 

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