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Do you know the problem? You are looking for an accommodation to have a meeting. And there are plenty of them. But most locations are sterile and cold. You will be sitting in a room which is not nicely decorated and you will get the same cookies with your coffee as anywhere else. Prepackaged…
As a result your colleagues will feel like they are still in their office and therefor will not get rid of their fixed thinking pattern. 

Have you thought of our Groepshoeve Wiendsels? At Wiendsels you will not sit in a cold, sterile room but in a pleasant farmhouse, in which you will enjoy full privacy and a homely atmosphere. In these surroundings, your colleagues will have no problem to start their brainstorm and to think out of the box. 

The large diningtable is very suitable for a meeting or a brainstormsession, with or without the screen which is on the wall, next to the table. And we will serve homemade buttercookies.. (-:

Do you feel like deviding the group into small teams? There are several seats in which you can have a private conversation.
In the large, well equipped kitchen you can invite a chef, but to increase the teamspirit you can also cook your own dinner. We have different arrangements for which we will do the groceries and take care of the recipes. 

When the weather is nice you can have your meeting outside in our big secluded garden, at the large XL picknicktable or round the  gasfire..
The day can be closed at the bar with a small beer or a nice housewine at the fireplace. Your bed waits for you for a good nights sleep and to clear your head so you will be fresh again the next day. 

Are you interested? CAll or mail us for an tailor made offer. 


Indication prices

The following prices are “starting prices” .
8 hours: € 575,-
12 hours: € 850,-
24 hours: € 1250,-
32 hours: € 1450,-
48 hours: € 1600,-