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In the area of Wiendsels

Around Wiendsels

Wiendsels is located in south west Drenthe, in the municipality De Wolden. From the farmhouse, you can take a walk to our ‘backyard’. In the winter extraction area nearby, you can find the remains of a pingo; the Sultansmeer. A pingo is a mound of earth-covered ice, that was created during the last ice age by ground ice and meltwater pushing up against the frozen ground, causing the ground to rise. After all the permafrost had thawed, a ring-shaped crater filled with meltwater remained. This is the Sultansmeer. This small lake now serves as a fishing pond. It is the perfect location for a nice walk around the lake. It is peaceful and quiet, and more often than not you will spot one or two deer jumping across the hedgerows. 



If you are in the mood for some activities apart from wiendselen, ther is enough to do in the area. Small cities like Meppel and Hoogeveen are within a half hour drive of Wiendsels. Atmospheric round villages like Dwingeloo, Ruinen and Diever are within cycling distance. 

We are lucky to have three national parks nearby. Dwingelerveld National Park, the largest wet moorland reserve of Western-Europe, is located at just 15 kilometres from Wiendsels. The Drents-Fries Wold National Park is one of the most beautiful and important reserves in Europe. And let’s not forget the Weerribben National Park. They are, with over 10.000 acres, the largest bog of north-western Europe. When visiting the Weerribben, do not forget to make a stop in Giethoorn. 

The river Reest functions as a natural border between the provinces of Overijssel and Drenthe and is a fantastic area for cycling or walking. You should definitely make a stop at the white stork station in De Wijk, you have never seen so many white storks in one place. 

We also have a Shakespeare theatre nearby, the Society of Humanitarianism in Frederiksoord is a nice place to visit and for the little ones we have the Drentse Koe. This play and ice cream farm is just around the corner and is a perfect day out for children. 
You will not be bored when visiting Drenthe. Just a few options are: Wildlands in Emmen, the treetop walkaway Broomkroonpad in Borger, the Drents Museum in Assen, or the national Prison Museum in Veenhuizen. 


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