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Groepshoeve Wiendsels

Wiendsels; a group farmhouse for up to 22 people. Comfortable, peaceful, and spacious. 

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Groepsaccommodatie is available for selected dates.


Wiend•sels 1 Atmospheric group accommodation for up to 22 people in the province of Drenthe. 2 Drents (dialect) for bindweed.
1 Dutch verb, borrowed from the English ‘to unwind”; to relax


Group Accommodation

Groepshoeve Wiendsels is a renovated farmhouse from 1873, for 20 persons and a small bakehouse for 2 persons which can only be rented together with the farmhouse to guarantee your privacy.


Wiendsels and business meetings is a perfect combination. The homely atmosphere, the many different sitting areas, the big tables with presentation screnes; everything is present for a good meeting or to strengthen the teamspirit.


Tiny wedding

Experience your most beautiful day (or, why not, weekend!) with your best friends and next of kin to let them witness your love for each other.
Getting maried in a secluded, decorated garden. A fine intimate setting with a lot of possibilities. 

Unwinding together has never been this simple

Save the date! It is time for a family weekend or a getaway with friends. 
Everyone is looking forward to it… but picking a date was just the easy part. What are we going to eat? Who is going to do the grocery shopping? Let’s hope the living room won’t be as cramped as last time, and do you think the beds are comfortable? 

Take a deep breath. Welcome to Wiendsels. The perfect place for the whole group to unwind and come together, located in Drenthe. 

Booking made easy: no hassle and worry free

Making a booking at Wiendsels is simple. In addition to booking your accommodation, you can also select one of our packages that comes with pre-selected recipes. Dinner does not have to be a cause for stress. Simply select the most delicious recipes (with a local touch!) on our website in advance, and we will make sure the fridge is fully stocked an you are all good to go. 
At Wiendsels, the price displayed is the price you pay. No hidden costs for linen or final cleaning, and no extra charge for tourist tax of booking fees. Even the firewood is free of charge. Simple without hassle. 

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Wiendselen is...

Wiendsels; holiday without worries

A booking at Wiendsels is a holiday without worries. This is what we are caling wiendselen.
Because together has to be a pleasure for all. That is why we make sure that really everybody has an equally fantastic time and no one has to word hard so that the others can relax.  That is what wiendselen is all about. 

Wiendsels; een home away from your home

Cosy and warm, that’s Wiendsels. Feeling at home as soon as you enter the farmhouse.  
Living in each other’s pockets is a challenge here. There is a cosy spot for everyone; flop into the large sofas around the fireplace, have a chat at the bar or grab a bar stool and hang around in the large kitchen. Outside you can sit together at our ‘Bertolli’ picnic table and there are plenty of seating areas under the pergola or on the veranda. 

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Wiendsels; sleeping like a baby

Close your eyes and drift away on your luxurious Pullmann matrasses. Curl op under your extra large, hypallergenic duvet and experience the peace and quiet in Drenthe. Or count the sheep you might hear from a few miles away. One, two, three, four….

Wiendsels; lots of space for the children

At Wiendsels, children will have lots of space to play. When they are done playing indoors, they can move outside. The back garden has a trampoline and a large table tennis table. We even thought of supplying the paddles and balls. Behind our woods, you can find a large stretch of grass to play some football, volleyball or other games

Wiendsels in Southwest Drenthe

Drenthe is at your feet outside Wiendsels;  we have three national parks in the surrounding, cody Drentse villages are at cycling distance and there is a lot to explore in our beautiful area.  

Experience Wiendsels?

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