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Unwinding culinary pleasures

Cooking together is so much fun and the kitchen is where the best conversations are held, but it is always tricky to decide what to eat with such a large group. What ingredients do we need and how much? And then the most difficult one, who has the time to buy all those groceries?

Don’t worry. This is Wiendsels: the place to unwind, also on a culinary level.
We came up with a concept that allows you to sit back and relax, even when it comes to food and drinks. If you do not feel like buying groceries and stocking them away for the whole group, you can choose to book one of our packages


Wiendsels Bronze

Renting the farm, without one of the culinary pleasures,  is called Bronze package.  We would like to emphasize that you are not obliged to choose a culinary package such as silver or gold. Without these packages Wiendsels is absolutely perfect! 

For all our guests, it is possible to have a beer or housewine for costprice.  You can have a keg of beer ( 20 liters for € 80,-. )
Our red wine is a Domaine Saint Auriol.  The white wine is a Chardonnay from Béziers, Frankrijk. Both wines cost € 6,- a bottle. 

Our coffeemachine is a fully automatically  WMF device which makes coffee of a high standard. The price of a cup of coffee is € 0,35.  Should you prefer to bring your own coffee, this is also possible.  Next to our fully automatically coffee experience, we have two coffee machines. The filters for these machines are in stock, you only have to bring your own quickfilter coffee. 
The tea is on the house. We have several different tastes, there is always a favourite taste for you.