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About Wiendsels

We met at the School for Hotel and Catering and for years we both worked in the hospitality industry.

Even though we were married and living together, we did not see much of each other. Ria started her shift at the crack of dawn, whereas Hans worked afternoons and nights. If we were lucky, we ran into each other while cycling to and from work. So there was not a lot of time left to argue, but is not ideal for a couple of newlyweds either. 
That is why we opened our own lunchroom together in 1993, De Brooderie. Not because we really wanted to argue, but because we wanted to share our ideals about hospitality and our love and passion for the trade.  In the Brooderie we worked together with some wonderful ladies to bake all kinds of goods for the people living in Meppel and surroundings. De Brooderie was a success, but unfortunately we were forced tot sell our beloved lunchroom due to circumstances. 

Hans & Ria and Wiendsels

During the last couple of years, Hans admitted that he had his heart set on living in the countryside. Ria still really loved the idea of taking care of guests. To build something beautiful by putting in time, effort and love and with attention to detail. Just like we had done with the Brooderie. 

Everyone said we had lost our minds when we decided to buy a farmhouse in 2015: “What  are you getting yourselves into?”. “What an enormous undertaking!”. Yes, it was a massive project, but we were committed to turning the old farmhouse into something special. Not just a group accommodation, but a group home. The perfect place to unwind, enjoy each others company and take in the tranquil surroundings. Not super fancy and slick, but comfortable, luxurious warm and cosy. A homely setting in the quiet countryside of Drenthe with many ‘different’ quirks. We kept in mind what we look for in a perfect family home. 

Thanks to our wonderful family, dear friends and of course professional workers we have managed to establish Wiendsels. Our eligibility for the Leader grant has been a big help as well. 

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We are proud to be the owners of Wiendsels, a place for people looking to unwind and for those who enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside. For people who get excited watching a deer or a hare jumping over the hedgerows. But also for those who enjoy good conversations, a glass of wine, and catching up while cooking together in the large kitchen. People who decide to stay in bed a little longer beacuse it is so quiet outside and the bed is so comfortable

We hope you will love our special place on the Koekangerweg just as much as we still do, every day. 

See you soon!


Our contact information

Groepshoeve Wiendsels
Koekangerweg 4
7961 LZ Ruinerwold

06-11866413  (Hans)
06-11825982  (Ria)

Email: [email protected]

Commerce number: 63764369
VAT number: NL001435724B24